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About us
Isira is a leading provider of clothing manufacturing services. We specialize in producing high-quality garments that meet the strictest specifications and standards of our clients. Whether you need a large-scale order or a only small batch of clothing, we can handle it.
Production capacity: Up to 2000 pcs for a model a month
Production area 400 m2
Storage area 60 m2
Average production time. From 4 weeks
Minimum order quantity . Only from 30 pcs per model
Sewing experience 15+ years
Our sewing services include
Pattern cutting & grading
We develop patterns from scratch based on your ideas, sketches or descriptions. Perfected patterns are digitized and graded using standard or specific grading instructions.
We provide the highest quality sampling service and apply traditional or unique stitching and finishing techniques. We are open to innovations and continuously looking for modern technological solutions to ensure quality and special features for your garments.
Collection development
A dedicated professional staff unit enables us to produce high-quality collections based on customer needs and timeframes.
Sustainability and high quality management
Laser cutting
Isira is well known for using laser cutting technology, which helps to reduce cost, provides more quality in cutting fabrics and pattern designing and helps reduce production time. Laser cutting gives more precision. Laser beams are extremely accurate, so it helps to avoid mistakes, reduces chances of errors and finally, drastically reduces fabric waste.  Feel free to contact us and get a free quote for laser cutting services.
Equipment and team combined together
Our experienced team of pattern cutters, tailors and quality controllers use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that every piece we make is flawless. You can trust us to deliver your clothing on time. No order is too big or too small for us.
Automatic one layer fabric cutter
Automatic cutter is a very efficient and reliable machine which completely solves all problems typical for manual cutting. Cutter have projectors, that helps to work with striped and checked fabrics

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    JSC Isira
    Varnių 48B, Kaunas, Lithuania
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